House at 57 Columbia Road - more details

Columbia Road house in 1998

  Left: The main entrance, facing south, with employees of travel training school.

  Below: Chimney and pigeon holes and perch. 1998

Columbia Road house chimney

Today, the house is occupied by a Chinese travel industry training school, which also uses the building next door, in the house's former front yard.

Columbia Road house details
House, facing south, 1998

main door
Abandoned main door, 1998

Main entryway

main entrance dining roomdining room
Main entryDining room

The furniture and paneling in the Hudec house was carved by the Jesuit orphanage residents. Below is a photograph from the Hudec archive showing Hudec with unidentified Jesuit clergy. His family says Hudec had always been interested in religion, and made a point of frequently inviting clergy to his home.

Hudec with Jesuit priests
  Hudec, in white, with Jesuit clergy. No date, no location.

Jesuit orphanage, wood carving studioStudent in woodcarving workshop in Jesuit orphanage.
Photo from Virtual Shanghai.

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