Park Hotel interior details


The dark circle in the 13th floor dance floor, at the lower right of the photograph, is in the shape of an old Chinese coin with a square in the center. The ceiling is open in this drawing is open to the sky. Originally the 13th floor over the rear of the building was a garden, but it was closed over in 1936 with a covered ballroom with removable skylight.

ballroom floor

Brochure of the hotel, ca 1934, and the floor of the 13th-floor ballroom on the right in 2001.
ballroom floor

floor detail

Detail showing the removable roof area now permanently covered, but the frieze of dancing figures is still visible along the inner wall of the ceiling's recessed space.

Park Hotel's garage

garage in 2001 garage

The garage that was attached to the hotel was also by Hudec, but done some time before the hotel was begun. From old photographs, it seems the structure was built to accommodate cars when they first appeared in Shanghai. The newspaper clipping from the Hudec collection that has no date shows a sign, Ford Hire.

The garage was replaced recently with a major expansion to the hotel's living quarters. A photo of the expansion under construction is online at

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