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Lenore Hietkamp, editor, book designer

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I am a respectful and thorough editor. And thorough is a good thing; editor David Kudler writes, in "7 Deadly Myths and 3 Inspired Truths" on Joel Friedlander's blog, The Book Designer, "if we [editors] occasionally ask too much, it isn’t because we don’t care; it’s because we care too much."

I seem to have endless patience, and I work hard to get a job done. Read my Testimonials page for comments from current and past clients.

My favourite work is helping an author develop their ideas. Communicating by Skype, Google Hangout, etc., I like to collaboratie with a writer to evolve the best text possible. With one software engineering client, this was the way he arrived at his best work. (He has a testimonial on the Testimonials page.)

I've spent many years analyzing art--that ultimate expression of self--and its history, and I find the act of expression to be the equivalent of communication. Analyzing communication and improving it has seeped into my pores. I see connections between text and idea and image that are critical to good writing.


Having worked with both graduate and undergraduate student writers, I've developed a keen interest in helping writers develop their ideas. Such development is not always required, though, so with anyone who begins working with me, I work out the level of editing required. I am particularly interested in working with writers in the areas of software development research and art and architectural history, and with graduate students for whom English is not their first language.


I also edit fiction, more specifically, mysteries. These are fun to work on, but they require hard work, too. See the Testimonials page for a comment from a few mystery writer clients.

This year I finally joined the Crime Writers of Canada. if I really want to be good at editing mystery fiction, I have to steep myself in the genre. I've been reading mystery fiction since I was old enough to take courage in hand and explore beyond the youth section of our local small-town library. My favourite mystery series of all time, the Napoleon Bonaparte mysteries by the Australian writer Arthur Upfield, dates to my discoveries in the mystery section of that venerable institution, in a Carnegie-funded building in the tiny town of Palmerston, in southwestern Ontario, Canada.