Art by Lenore Hietkamp


I have been painting and drawing with various degrees of passion since I was a child. But it wasn't until a couple of years ago that I had a sort of epiphany in passionate painting. After being single for forty-five years, I started dating a man, whom I married only six months later. It was no coincidence that I met him when I was taking courses with a fantastic teacher, Nicholas Pearce, whose technique inspires me like no other. I painted the Dancer during a few short hours, over two weeks when my guy proposed, and I felt I was dancing on air—and painting on wings, apparently! 

I paint the human body almost exclusively, and my first love is the portrait. When I get my new studio built in the home I now share with my new husband, I’ve got a lineup of portraits to do. I work as a book editor, and painting with passion is my way of escaping the rigour of ordering ideas on a page.