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From Jan Braakman, author of The War in the Corner (Diamond River Books, September 2012; ebook 2012), on LinkedIn:

"Lenore is a conscientious, thoughtful and kind person, who takes care of your text as if it were hers. She edited the text of my manuscript (The War in the Corner); she also suggested adjustments in the structure of the book, which turned out to be real improvements; she made a compact and easy to read layout; and after that she managed my agenda for a successful book promo tour through Ontario."

about my editing

From Dag Sjoberg, professor of software engineering, University of Oslo:

"Lenore has edited a paper for me on software development research ("Teamwork Quality and Project Success in Agile Software Development," 2015), and also edits papers for a colleague who writes about measuring software development skill. This material can be difficult to explain well, and many editors seem to be unable to grasp the complexity of the material while pinpointing areas that are unclear. Lenore edits for clarity, and identifies weak areas of writing and suggests ways to improve them. I plan to hire her to edit my future papers and the papers written by my PhD students." (Fall 2015)

From Gunnar R. Bergersen, CEO of Technebies and researcher at Department of Informatics, University of Oslo:

"Lenore is an excellent copy editor with a sharp eye for ways to improve clarity. When writing research papers within information technology, my first drafts usually contain long, difficult-to-read technical sentences. Having low tolerance for unnecessary complexity, Lenore is good at suggesting alternative ways to express the same idea." (Fall 2015)

From mystery writer Phyllis Smallman, author the Sherri Travis series:

"You made Highball (Touchwood Editions, October 2012) a much better novel. The reviews have been very good and some of the credit for that is yours.
With all the new writers who are self-publishing there is a huge need for competent editors and you're more than that.
Thanks again and I look forward to working with you in the future." (December 2012)

From Mari Lending, Editor-in-Chief, Nordic Journal of Architecture:

"You have now fans all over in my Nordic environment. I am absolutely overwhelmed by your editing and forever grateful." (Fall 2012)

From the acknowledgement page in the mystery by Stephen Legault, The Vanishing Track (TouchWood, 2012):

"In particular, my thanks goes to Lenore Hietkamp, who was the copy editor for The Vanishing Track. You have my gratitude, and my sympathy." (2012)

Read Stephen Legault's blog about the editing process.

From Mari Hvattum, MArch PhD, Professor, Institute of Form, Theory and History, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design:

"Thank you so much for your incredible efforts for the second issue of Nordic Journal of Architecture. I’ve been really impressed with your readings – it is rare to find your particular combination of a light touch and a sharp eye!" (2012)

From Svava Riesto, PhD Cand. (Architectural history and urbanism), University of Copenhagen:

"Thank you again, it has been my pleasure to work with you; always efficient, creative, constructive and educational (words I learned while writing the acknowledgement, but indeed characteristic to this copy editing process :-) It's really helped me through this difficult period in the project." (Summer, 2011)

From Ken Lister, in the acknowledgements of his book, Paul Kane, the Artist: From Wilderness to Studio (Royal Ontario Museum):

"Thanks also to the book's editor, Lenore Hietkamp. I am grateful for her patience and willingness to work long hours. This book has benefited from her knowledge of standards and her eye for consistency." (2010)

From Marilyn Trueblood, Managing Editor, University of Washington Press:

"[Here is] the manuscript on Chinese minorities. I am grateful that it will be in your good hands. You are so good at seeing the big picture and helping the overall argument." (January, 2008)

From a Chinese PhD student, now a professor of art history:

"Lenore Hietkamp edited several articles of mine and the major parts of my dissertation. As an international student for whom English was not a mother tongue, I benefited from Lenore's thorough editing of grammar. She also helped me to choose the best words that express more accurately and more succinctly what I wanted to say. The greatest advantage to have Lenore's assistance, however, is much more than the achievement of a better writing. By digging out the exact meaning in a rough draft, she helped me to find the true thought in my text and articulate it in a comprehensible way. It was a truly critical process." (2007)

From a Romanian comparative literature professor, Ileana Marin:

"I would like to thank you again for your substantial effort to copy-edit my rough prose and to make it sound so well. Without your patience and deep understanding of the difficult meanings concealed in certain concepts I could not have succeeded in finishing this project for publication." (2007)

From a museum studies graduate student:

"This is fantastic. Thank you so much. I have taken a look at it, and I am focusing on developing a cohesive thesis and the clarity of my argument."