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Shortlisted for the Tom Fairley Award for Editorial Excellence for my work on The Embodied Violinist, by Gwen Thompson-Robinow

Specializing in academic and developmental editing and artisanal publishing

In a word (or two): I'm a critical thinker; identifying and solving problems is what I do best.


Editors Association of Canada

Professional Editors Association of Vancouver Island

Crime Writers of Canada


Mystery writer Stephen Legault writes about the editing process; I'm the copy editor he refers to.


I am Lenore Hietkamp, a professional editor and writer. I'm a generalist, but my favourite subjects to edit are software development research, and art and architectural history. I also take manuscripts to the printer, designing interior layouts and covers and publishing them, often in conjunction with my husband's publishing company. I also design and post ebooks.

I've been freelancing as an editor since 2000. After completing an MA in art history at the University of Victoria, in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, I lived, worked and breathed the life of a PhD student for seven years. I specialized in the field of art and architectural history at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA, USA, until I decided I had to do fulltime what I had been doing on and off for at least 10 years: editing, but editing as if it were my passion, my life's work. I still occasionally write and curate in my academic role.

I also worked for seven years at a software development firm (BCcampus.ca), trouble-shooting, testing software, and working closely with developers to enhance the user experience. 

That academic experience has given me a good understanding of how we humans communicate, which helped me decide to pursue a career as an editor.

The name of my business, Heatherfield Editing, derives from a rough translation of my Dutch last name.


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