The Heaths of Balloërveld

I’m an artist as well as an editor. I wanted my new website to be colourful and appealing, as well as simple, but I could not come up with an image of how it should look. I liked my business name, a rather whimsical translation of my (Dutch) last name, Hietkamp, but how to create a visual connection between the idea of fields of heather and my editing business?

The answer: the heaths of the Netherlands! I did not know the country of my parents had heaths, full of flowering heather. I contacted my cousins living there, to see if anyone might have good photographs, and Nelleke van Vliet sent me a gorgeous selection of the heaths of Balloërveld. Once I saw these, I was inspired to create a site that would provide visitors with a visual feast while reading about my services–a website portrait, if you like, of me, artist and editor.

Welcome to my new site!