A new look

I created my first editing website back in 2009 with html code. Someone told me, in 2020, that it looked very 1990s. Here’s what the home page looked like:

When I began to edit fulltime, the website was less a way to be found by potential clients than a way to show clients who already know about me who I am and the kind of work I do. I had the great good fortune to have interned at the University of Washington Press for a year, back in 2002-2003, and then to work freelance for them, exclusively but part-time, while I worked on my (incomplete) PhD, until 2007. That work was intense and satisfying and it gave me a great list of projects that became the foundation of my website.

When 2021 came around, almost 20 years after I began that first editorial internship, I was ready for a new editorial direction, and a new website.