Self-portrait (Portraits by Lenore)

I am Lenore Hietkamp, a professional editor, with a BA, MA, and (almost a) PhD in art and architectural history. My favourite subjects to edit are art and architectural history and software development research. I also shepherd manuscripts from concept to the printer, as project manager, and I consult on journal editing.

I see connections between text and idea and image that are critical to good writing. I’ve spent many years analyzing art and its history, and I find the creative act of expression to be the equivalent of communication. Analyzing communication and improving it has seeped into my pores.

In a word (or two): I’m a critical thinker; identifying and solving problems is what I do best.

Shortlisted for the Tom Fairley Award for Editorial Excellence, Editors Canada, 2018, for the developmental and copy editing and publication management of The Embodied Violinist, by Gwen Thompson-Robinow