I am Lenore Hietkamp, a professional editor. My favourite subjects to edit are art and architectural history and software development research. I also shepherd manuscripts from concept to the printer, as project manager, and I consult on journal editing.

I see connections between text and idea and image that are critical to good writing. I’ve spent many years analyzing art and its history, and I find the creative act of expression to be the equivalent of communication. Analyzing communication and improving it has seeped into my pores.

I’ve been freelancing as an editor since 2002. After completing an MA in art history at the University of Victoria, in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, I lived, worked and breathed the life of a PhD student for seven years. I specialized in the field of art and architectural history at the University of Washington in Seattle, until I decided I had to do full time what I had been doing on and off for at least ten years: editing, but editing as if it were my passion, my life’s work. I still occasionally write and curate in my academic role.

That academic experience has given me a good understanding of how we humans communicate, which helped me decide to pursue a career as an editor.