Help with finishing a project

With my extensive experience working with authors at all stages of writing books and journal articles, I can help you develop a strategy to finish your writing projects.

Initial feedback on content and structure

My expertise is deep reading. When I read a manuscript at an early stage of writing, I can provide feedback about logic and structure and how ideas are presented. After reading your work at a very close level, I provide a full evaluation via either a 2500-word (approximate) written report or a live Zoom session in which you take notes.

Stylistic and/or copy editing

While I once providing mainly stylistic and copy editing, I now primarily provide the above services. I am still available to current clients for copy editing. When you hire me to edit at this level of detail, I expect a manuscript that is as complete as you can possibly make it.

Managing projects

I’m a whiz at managing publication projects. It can be a relief to hand over the production of your book to someone who knows the process from beginning to end, from developing a structure to copy editing to hiring a designer, proofreader, and indexer to printing.

See the Editors Canada definition of the editorial skills that are mentioned on this page (structural, stylistic, copy editing).